Mad Wax

Tom Ryan /Drums,   Dean Kohler /Guitar & Vocals, 

George Newsome /Bass

Absolutely my favorite band and favorite lineup







This is how it went........


Dean /Guitar & Vocals,  Robert Carp /Drums,  Pete McCloskey /Bass

1.  Spectrum came up with a new name, a new look, and a new song list.

2. Then,  Pete McCloskey (right), quit to follow a different vocation.



3. Pete was replaced by Don Lawrence on bass.




4. A couple of weeks later, Don quit

     and was replaced by Gary Bryant (left)



5. A couple of weeks later, Gary was replaced by George Newsome

(center), Dean's former next door neighbor and the guy that played

bass on Dean's 1968 record "Gooseberry Pie"



6. Robert was then replaced on drums by Tom Ryan (center)

and Mad Wax band began.






These pictures were taken at a rock festival by a staff

photographer from The Virginian Pilot.  They appeared

in the newspaper and the large one above was titled





David Edwards /Guitar & Vocals,  Ronnie Allred /Bass,

Tom Ryan /Drums,   Dean /Guitar & Vocals

-By far, the most successful version of Mad Wax-

Sometimes I refer to this as version 2




Tom Ryan /Drums,  Gerry Herndon /Guitar & Vocals,

Dean /Guitar & Vocals,  Thomas Stevenson /Bass

-The final version of Mad Wax-

Version 3


To see a music video of Mad Wax

Go To

Type Dean Kohler in the search box

select Dean Kohler & Mad Wax

*   *   *

In 1971 our agent Asked me to shoot a new

band picture.  He made a big deal out of

the need for a classy sophisticated

photo worthy of his representation.

So I sent him this one:



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