The Gear

Used In The Bands

1963 Gretsch Tennessean

Used in

Dean & The Mustangs,  The Satellites



1968 Fender Telecaster

Used In

The Soft Light




1966 Rickenbacker

Used In






          1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom           1971 Gibson Flying V                     

       Used In         

Mad Wax




            1974 Gibson Les Paul EMG    1983 Fender Strat EMG    1974 Gibson Les Paul '55                 

  Used In

Big Bubba & the Blockbusters






1986 Fender Stratacaster EMG      1986 Paul Reed Smith     1995 Fender Telecaster EMG     







   1964 Fender Bassman     

    Used In:    

Dean & The Mustangs,  The Satellites, The Soft Light

Mad Wax,  and  Big Bubba & The Blockbusters    




1973 Marshall Super Lead 100

1968 Marshall Speaker Stack (Left)

1969 Marshall Speaker Stack (Right)




Marshall JCM-900

50 Watts All Tubes 1-12" Speaker

Used In:

Big Bubba & The Blockbusters





 Marshall Valvestate

Current Favorite




                                      Vox AC-30                    1967 Vox Super Beatle                          

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