Big Bubba & The Blockbusters


Dean /Guitar & Vocals,  Mark Balch /Keyboard,

Chris Ellis /Drums,  &  Dennis Harper /Bass


The most successful of all  of Dean's Bands thanks

to seasoned players with years of experience .

This was a 50's & 60's tribute band and was the

opening act for many famous bands from that era

including The Juniors, The Foundations, The Vogues,

Bill Haley's Comets, The Tams, The Drifters, The Rhondels,

The Platters, Jay & The Techniques, Fat Ammon's Band,

A Great Show With Wolfman Jack, and many more.

Concert Hall  Shows,  Themed Events, Fairs, & Festivals.



The original line-up as it began in 1986:

Dean  /Guitar & Vocals,  Tom Ryan /Drums,

Kim Stevenson /Keyboard,  Thomas Stevenson /bass.

This is the lineup as it began in 1986

Essentially, it is three of the four members

of Mad Wax in it's final 1978 lineup.

Traveling  The East Coast


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